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About Us

1717 CheMall starts its operations on Jan 7, 2017 in Mundelein Illinois USA, with the goal to establish one of the best B2B platforms to serve the chemical industry worldwide. 1717 CheMall manages products from 12 sub-categories: amino acids, peptides, and proteins (AM); botanic extracts, enzymes and coenzymes (BT); carbohydrates (CA); drug-like molecules and API (DR); heterocyclic compounds (HE); inorganic chemicals (IN); lipids (LP); macromolecular substances (MA); nucleic acids, nucleotides, and nucleosides (NU); organic chemicals (OR); polycyclic compounds (PL), and special chemicals (SP), or a total of over 1 million products in its catalog, and new products are continuously added to our catalog on a regular basis. All catalog numbers start with 2 capital letters and 6 digits. 1717 CheMall serves its industrial and academic customers from major corporations, government and military research institutions, universities, and R & D organizations worldwide, with service quantities from micrograms to metric tons on different products.

Service portfolios include traditional mail orders, estore, online mall and biding system, consulting service on regulatory compliance and dangerous goods shipping, and SDS authoring and approval, powered by chemical text and structure search, experimental and/or predicted data on chemical physical properties and toxicity, and comprehensive product classification, labeling, and transportation information. The founder has a combination of over 35 years academic and industrial experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological, and healthcare field.

Thank you for your interest in 1717 CheMall products, and we strive to provide the best service possible.