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Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

NMR data of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules. [Publisher: University of Wisconsin, USA]

Constraint analysis

Results from an analysis of constraints from 1834 NMR PDB entries. [Publisher: EMBL-EBI]

NMR Structures of Membrane Proteins

[Publisher: Laboratory of Biological Physical Chemistry of Membrane Proteins, France]

NMR Wiki

[Publisher: NMR Wiki]


Organic structures and their NMR spectra. [Publisher: University of Cologne, Germany]

NRG NMR Restraints Grid at BMRB

[Publisher: University of Wisconsin, USA]

Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe) NMR resources

[Publisher: EMBL-EBI]


Database of 500+ recalculated NMR structures from the PDB. [Publisher: EMBL-EBI]

Re-referenced Protein Chemical shift Database (RefDB)

Database of carefully corrected or re-referenced chemical shifts, derived from the BioMagRes Bank. [Publisher: University of Alberta, Canada]

Solid State NMR Protein Structures

[Publisher: Laboratory of Biological Physical Chemistry of Membrane Proteins, France]

Spectral Database for Organic Compounds (SDBS)

[Publisher: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan]

Spectral Similarity Search

Carbon spectral similarity search engine based on around 70,000,000 PubChem Structures. [Publisher: University of Vienna, Austria]


A public repository of mass spectral data for sharing them among scientific research community. [Publisher: Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan]